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In-person and Online Consultations for Children

David is a professor and Chair of his department at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, international educator, writer, and researcher with a wide array of experience. He offers both acupuncture and herbal treatments for the most common (and even the most uncommon) syndromes that children present with. Please read below to see what acupuncture and Chinese herbs can offer to you and your children. 

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Syndromes and Diseases We Treat

  David treats children for a wide range of issues.


      "How are my kids going to deal with needles?!"


Fortunately, that's the easy part! Between herbs and other ways to stimulate acupuncture points, David rarely needs to use needles with kids. Kids happily sit and play with toys while points are stimulated, and they don't even need to sit still. Parents can just sit and relax while we take care of everything. Herbs are very tasty and kids love taking them. 


Colds & Respiratory Issues

Acupuncture and herbs are great for all respiratory diseases including colds, flus, asthma, ear infections, pneumonia, etc. So often, kids get caught in a situation where they aren't completely kicking out a virus, so they're getting sick more often than normal. For example, there's not a lot of blood flow to the middle ear and viruses hide out there, so once a kid gets an ear infection, they just keep getting them. Acupuncture and herbs can stop that cycle of ear infections and antibiotics in just a few treatments. A similar problem can occur with asthma where after a cold, the lung tissue remains inflamed causing constriction of the airways. Kids run around which increases the inflammation causing asthma attacks! Doctors are typically giving inhalers to reduce the inflammation, but those don't cure the source.

Digestive Issues

Lack of appetite, constipation, and food allergies are among the most common syndromes we see in the clinic. Often, parents aren't even aware there is a problem in the digestion! Gas, bad smelling stools, protruding abdomens, curdles in spit-up, grunting at night (babies), poor sleep, and many more symptoms are all signs of problems of the digestive system. In these cases we want to clear the digestive tract, and strengthen it so these problems don't arise again. Even breastfed kids often have problems due to improper feeding styles. If your child has digestive issues, herbs and acupuncture will strengthen and resolve those issues.


It would seem that these days David's sub-specialty is autism. So many parents of autistic children are seeking alternative therapies, and our results have created a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. Of course, we are not claiming to "cure" autism but we are seeing a lot of progress. These kids so often have digestive issues, so that is almost always the place to start. Typically speech is the first place where we see a change, even within a week or two of beginning treatment. Children who have never spoken a word often begin to attempt vocalization, and kids with speech abilities begin adding words to their repertoire. They often become more easy-going with transitions ("Time to go to the store, honey!"), a larger appetite, more attentive, more affectionate, and more focused. Results vary from kid to kid, but parents are always very happy with results.


Many parents ask about whether we recommend vaccinations for their children. While we don't make specific recommendations, what we can say is that we will support you no matter what decision you make. Many parents are worried about potential vaccine reactions. In our experience, acupuncture and herbs can help to prevent vaccine reactions, and to shorten the duration and severity if there is one. Alternatively, if you choose not to vaccinate, we can certainly help to make sure a disease does not progress beyond your child's ability to fend it off.  

What Else?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help kids with pretty much anything! Most parents treat us as their primary care provider, coming here first for advice and treatment. We have effectively treated eye disorders, Down's Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Tourette's, learning disorders, speech issues, Sensory Processing disorders, bedwetting, sleep problems, skin issues, and much more. Please feel free to contact David if you have any questions!

New Patient Initial
One Hour

Returning Patient:​
30 Minute

No extra charge for herbs (if required)

Herb refills via email
(without visit)

$65 (4oz, lasts approx 2 weeks)

Insurance currently not accepted. A superbill can be produced if needed.

David is no longer treating adults, please contact for referrals.

Online Herbal Consultations:
(For online herbal consults, please contact David to schedule)

New Patient: $250
Return Patient: $125

Herbs are shipped via USPS Priority.

Hours and Location


 Tuesdays: 11am-2pm  

Thursdays: ​11am-2pm

543 Encinitas Blvd

Suite #107

Encinitas, CA 92024


To schedule, please click:

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