Vax Protect is an herbal formula designed to increase immune function during short periods of immune system stress. Vax Protect boosts immunity, regulates inflammatory reaction, and enhances immune response. When pathogens and other chemicals are put directly into the bloodstream the immune system has difficulty responding, as they have bypassed the normal route of infection. The herbs in Vax Protect benefit the immune system to help increase the body's ability to respond, increasing effectiveness as well as helping to enable the body's natural detoxification functions.


Vax Protect is sweet, easy for kids to take, and contains no alcohol. This herbal product is made with GMP certified herbs and therefore contains no heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, or bacteria. 

Vax Protect

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  • Dosage: Give 2 droppers per 10lbs of body weight per day for 3 days before, the day of, and for 3 days after any event where a stronger immune system is desired (7 days total). For example, a 30lb child will receive 6 droppers (not drops) per day, for 7 days total.


    Each bottle contains 120 droppersfull. For reference, for a 30lb child one bottle will last for approx 3 separate 7-day uses (21 days total).